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Acne Disappeared! Throw Your pillow Away And Take Some MSM!

Don’t take the provocative heading so seriously and read about my success. My face skin has been in a bad condition since my teens, and some areas have been constantly occupied by acne. I’ve tried acne drugs that removed acne only to let it come back after stopping the treatment. I have also tried some natural products like tea tree oil and coconut oil but they have had little or no effect at all to my skin. One thing that helped a lot, but didn’t make my skin smooth and completely out of spots, was to put my pillow under the mattress. It helped because my skin rubbed against the fabric.

I started to ingest MSM (methylsulfonylmethane, which is found in fresh, non heated food) in november 2013. About 2 weeks after taking MSM orally I noticed that my skin was smoother. My face got better gradually in the next few months and there was fewer spots in my face. Sometimes a few spots decided to pop out of my cheek, but there were times when my skin was completely clean.

I knew for long that MSM is kind of a miracle substance, as I provocatively claim, but I didn’t think that I could buy some cheap MSM-cream for my face and my sore hand. Skin absorbes cream better than ingested MSM, and I started to apply it to my face and arm. My skin looks even better after few days of using MSM balm, but my hand is still waiting for the results (MSM alleviates pain, cures inflammation and builds up any tissue that needs sulfur, but my hand’s got a slight repetitive strain injury which may not be cured with MSM like some other muscular or joint injury). I’ve tried so many natural and unnatural substances for health purposes, but nothing has ever impressed me like MSM, though it ain’t perfect also.

You can see the results below (the first pic was taken on 1st august 2013 and the other one I took today, 1st august 2014). My skin was much better than it looks like in the first pic even 6 months earlier after quitting pillow use and after taking orally MSM, but the idea of taking a pic of my cleared cheek came into my mind later as my skin has continued to heal and it is better than almost ever. I don’t know why these pictures are so different in color as I took them in the same light in the same place of the same room, and I don’t know why my cheek shines that much on the right in the second picture (maybe it’s the balm) but one can definitely see the change. Read more about MSM if you got interested, there are many things that one should know, like that you shouldn’t heat it because it breaks up and you should start ingesting it gradually.

Pick Only The Most Beautiful Flowers

A couple of months ago I thought marijuana isn’t for me anymore. I was wrong, I thought I know a lot of that drug. Pot is great, as long as the strain is just right for me. Cannabis prevented my beginning depression as I smoked it moderately. Different strains have different rates of THC (psychotic) and CBD (antipsychotic) and other cannabinoids, those THC-rich sativas and some hybrids fucks me up. When I was younger, I didn’t know or care what kind of bud I was smoking and I believe a lot of kids out there does the same mistake and keeps smoking wrong bud (and perhaps excessively) regardless they get paranoid, depressed, stressed, depersonalisated or even a psychosis. I’m not saying sativas are bad for everyone, but a lot of problems concerns them.

Know what your smoking and eating.

First East Coast City Legalizes Recreational Marijuana


Why Is Written English So Complicated?

Good day/evening/morning.

I’ve wondered my whole life why the rest of the world (excluding Finland) is using so many letters to write down a single word and why there are so many sound options for just one letter (E can be pronounced with three different sounds instead of one for instance). For example, why the word ”thought” needs to be written with 7 letters, when it is possible to write down with only 4 letters that correspond 4 different sounds that are required to form the word in spoken language. This might look silly, but if I lived a couple of hundreds years ago and if I was one of the developers of modern English, I would write the word ”thought” like ”that” or something like that :D.

Finnish is almost always written like it is spoken meaning that every letter corresponds one particular sound. ”Ajatus” means ”thought” and there are 6 sounds when pronounced as there are 6 letters when it’s written as well. In the word ”ajatus” Letter A symbolizes the same sound as letter O in the word ”thought”, and A represents always and only that certain sound, not the a-sound in the word ”man” for example. Above mentioned is valid for every other letters in Finnish. There are few exceptions, like ”sydämen” (heart’s) is pronounced with 8 sounds instead of 7 which are written. In my opinion, it should be written ”sydämmen” because the word includes 2 m-sounds when it’s pronounced.

So why are we wasting so much ink and time writing pointless letters? Just wondering, please don’t take this too seriously and please don’t kill me.

My friend wrote a deep poem:

There once was a man in a cottage, at nights he would perform frottage

He sat in his bed fantasizing of dead and in the morning his pee had turned poo

Acne Cured, Some Single Spots Left

I’ve had some problems with acne to these days although I’m 22 already. Last year I tested some medicine, in six months my face was clear, but spots started to appear soon.

I ended a non-gluten period today, but I don’t think it helped me either though my face is better. My skin condition has not changed as I’ve eaten gluten, so i decided to eat cheaper again. The thing that might have helped me is that I quit using pillows in midsummer, because pillows rub against my skin making spots look more awful and my skin can’t improve very quickly. I put my pillows under my mattress in order to lift my head up slightly like pillows normally do. A blanket can also make my spots worse, so I don’t drag it near my face.

One other thing that I’ve found beneficial is coconut oil, it disinfects skin by fucking up the cell membranes of bacteria. It might also rise pH of your skin. Some claim that low pH makes makes bacteria enjoy their stay in your cells, so one thing worth trying (and cheap) is to make your skin slightly alkaline by using sodium carbonate with oil or sea/mine salt.

Try something other than drugs first because acne drugs can kill some important bacteria in your stomachs and they cost a lot.

A tear rolls down to my ear
Ears don’t hear misery like that
And why should ‘em, I’m feeling it
Or felt it, stupid tear
Ambiance ruined, I’m so pissed
Fuck! Got to rise ‘n’ pee
I’m almost asleep

Barely Describable: I hope this is helpful to at the very least 1 person


Depression is horrible. All your energy is sucked out and mind plays tricks to filter away all the good in front of you and the hopeless feeling takes over. I feel like it dumbs me down so I wont really listen when a caring angel tries to lift me up. It’s like an addiction to the feeling low and not even wanting to be better. But in the dark, dont forget that light exists.

I’ve been depressed for years but now I know it’s not impossible to beat. Im depressed but happy! Ifeel tired and beaten but dammit Im fighting that war back! No matter how pointless it may seem when lights go out to think positive, it is not. The smallest good things help when you have faith in them.

Fight back because you love yourself and want to make people smile and laugh. Don’t let yourself become the depression itself. Smile, it’s free. Try to find atleast one positive side in everything, then another, and another and let it grow.

Believe in the power of your mind. If you wake up all tired and low, be it 3am or 7pm, or just generally feel so low that nobody understands, just think this “I am going to get up, make a chocolate milk(or whatever) and it will make me feel better. Something is trying to pull me down and this is a battle which I wont lose.”

Think positive even if you dont see a reason why. Trust me, it is worth it! If no-one understands, you do; talk about it, make them understand. If the desperation feels overwhelmingly powerful, use some of that power to boost you into a good deed for yourself. The overwhelming power… it’s in you right? Laugh in its face and tell it who’se in charge.

You are important like everyone else. You can do amazing things with your life. You can make someone elses life better like Im trying to do to you and it makes me feel good.

Let me in your dark world, I wanna help you navigate. Please?

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